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0 Comments 15 August 2013

Every screenwriting manual, every screenwriting blog, every screenwriting class, will tell you that to write great screenplays you have to write great dialogue… and to do that you have to write dialogue with SUBTEXT. Problem is most of them don’t tell you how to do it. Or even what, exactly, Subtext is. Thanks a bunch [...]

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Screenwriting: A Double F*#%ing Rainbow

0 Comments 12 August 2013

Can you imagine that somewhere there exists a colour that no one has ever seen? Sure you can. Can you imagine that colour?  What does it look like? No, right? Conundrum. That’s the conundrum of learning screen storytelling.  It’s easy to imagine that there’s something else outside the familiar story spectrum. So we convince ourselves that [...]

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Five Ways Your Hero Won’t Get What They Want

0 Comments 10 August 2013

Frank Daniel told us that the basis of a good story is: “Somebody wants something badly and they’re having difficulty getting it” Robert McKee reminded us that “Story happens in the Gap”… between the result a character expects from their actions, and the outcome that actually occurs. This is one of the most basic components [...]

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Reverse Structure

Added on 14 August 2013

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Reverse structure was around long before MEMENTO.  Check out this crazy clip from HAPPY END, a 1966 Czech comedy in which the entire film is actually played backwards!

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